I love the products that the guys a VSCO come out with. Whether the LR presets, or VSCO Cam. They care about photography and produce products that reflect their passion. I have been using the VSCO Cam for some time, which no doubt you will know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, that’s what that #vscocam hashtag is all about. Last week they released their latest version of VCSO Cam, and it is really really great! Much more control over images, with loads more presets. One of the features that I love is the ability to have a different focus and exposure point. More than that though, they have a new ‘product’ called VSCO Grid. It is a great way of sharing a selection of your VSCO Cam images with the world in a nice, simple, web page. I have only just started using it, but already love it. So, if you want to see some of my iPhone photography, but dont want the monotony of all my random Instagram posts, you can see my VSCO Grid at connormccullough.VSCO.co or just by clicking iPhone in the menu bar of this site! Enjoy!

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