Giro d’Italia – Stage Two

Another great day watching the Giro d’Italia. I was fortunate enough to see the race a 3 points today. Templepatrick, Glenarm, and the finish in Belfast. The weather wasn’t great, in fact, not only was it wet, but it was probably one of the wettest days we’ve had in a while. It certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of the spectators though!

There weren’t so many photo opportunities today, mainly because of the nature of todays race, compared to the team time trial yesterday (see those photos here) , and also because of the weather. In Glenarm we had been warned that where we were standing was risky, because of the wet conditions, tight turn, and manhole covers, but thankfully there was no crash at the corner. I was delighted to get a shot of Svein Tuft coming around the corner in Glenarm.

We then managed to get down to Belfast to see the sprint finish. I didn’t really get any photos there, just because of the crowds, I couldn’t get near the track, but it was still amazing to see the finish on the screen, and soak up the atmosphere.

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