Arlene & Steve – The Mill At Ballydugan Wedding Photography

This is a bit of a bumper blog post, normally I don’t post so many images in one wedding blog, but there was just so much about this wedding that was great. Arlene and Steve involved loads of their family and friends to help make the day, and the details really special to them. Steve especially, as he is a blacksmith (Cool Fact: He was an armourer for Game of Thrones!), had his anvil brought along to have the ceremony around. The wedding rings were forged by Steve in his forge, along with the candle holder, and the cake stand as well. The party in the evening was amazing as well, some of their friends are dance teachers with the Belle Hoppers in Belfast, so the dancing was off the charts!

The Mill at Ballydugan
Cold Iron Forge
Needle and Hammer
The Belle Hoppers

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