Iceland – Cinestill 800T Film

This is probably a blog post for the film geeks… I bought a couple of rolls of Cinestill 800T film last year, and I never got around to using it. I took a roll with me to Iceland and shot it. I really love the tone, and range of this film, it is really lovely, even though I was shooting in daylight, without a filter, and this film is technically tungsten balanced. The next roll I will probably try to shoot more in the setting that it was intended for, rather than outside in the middle of the day.

These were all shot on my Nikon F80, which had one or two little niggles which meant some of the photos exposed really badly, and some dirt in the camera damaged some of the film, but I’m still happy with the photos that I got. I do kinda wish I had taken a second film camera with me and shot a load of Kodak Tri-X as well though, but perhaps the 3 cameras that I did have with me were enough.

Thanks to the guys at UK Film Lab for the processing and great turnaround!

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