Modius Health & Grafters Media Shoot – Commercial Photography in Southern California

Last year I had the opportunity to head out to California with Stephen from Grafters Media to help him with a video project that he was working on for Modius Health, from Californian health tech company Neurovalens. While I was there I did some behind the scenes photography for Grafters, and also was able to take some photographs of Dr. Jason McKeown, one of the MD’s of Neurovalens, and his colleagues at the centre for Brain and Cognition at the University of California San Diego.

For more information about Modius Health and their groundbreaking fitness device you can check out their website at – https://www.modiushealth.com/
They have launched their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign today and it is already proving hugely successful, you can see the details of that, and if you want to fund it at – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/modius-groundbreaking-fat-reduction-technology-fitness-health#/

You can see the full video that Stephen produced at – https://www.graftersmedia.com/projects/neurovalens-medical-devices/

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