I used to shoot a whole load of personal film. I dunno why I haven’t shot as much these last few years, perhaps generally busyness of life, the day job, the photography job, the house building, the cycling, the having a family.

Anyway, a photographer friend of mine, Benj Haish (go check him out, his work is awesome), once said that (I’m paraphrasing here) one of the reasons he shoots so much personal film is because it doesn’t have the same ‘post-process’ that his professional work does. He can shoot, and then get the shots developed and just enjoy the photos, rather than culling, editing in Lightroom, exporting etc etc….

I totally get that, so I really must shoot more and more film – and actually noting down what cameras I use for each roll, and what the film stock is.

For the most part these will have been shot on either a Nikon F80 or a Leica M6, and will mostly be Kodak Tri-X 400 shot at 1600 and pushed, or Portra 400 rated at 200, but there are a few shots from random expired rolls of Fuji Superia as well (and goodness knows what else). All processed by the guys at Canadian Film Lab.

These personal film photos span about 3-4 years, from before my son was born, right up to Covid Lockdown! There will be another bumper post of personal film coming soon too, of my various travels over the last 3 years!

You can see more of my personal film and other personal work on my blog

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